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Bienvenue, @ tous sur consacré à la Trance Goa, Tranceux, Tranceuses du monde entier ce site, complètement dédié, est réalisé afin de partager et échanger ensemble cette passion qui nous rassemblent ici !!

Welcome, on devoted to Trance Goa, of the world wide web. For Trance people, this website is completely dedicated in order to share and exchange together this passion which gathers us here !!

Think Psychedelic…

16 September 2013

After came back from Festival this summer, i have make a video M-Run Live @ Lost Theory Festival August 2012 with Quality HD.

Download video HD 1080 on

You can download and listen stream also Full Live MP3 M-Run @ Lost theory Festival 2013. trance-live.php

Listen Stream Mp3

Enjoy Your Life & Think Positive vibes all dreams are possible 3~ PLUR

6 July 2012

Party Goa Gil Belgium 30 june 2012, Dark...too dark for me but it's very nice see Goa Gil. Goa Gil mix non stop since 24 Hours amazing.

Download video HQ on

Enjoy Your Life & Think Positive vibes all dreams are possible 3~ PLUR

27 March 2012

It's the anniversary of - 10 years this March 15, yeah !! I Make a new Movie (The long time ago) with All Party and Festival >> 40 Minutes.. with 31 psytrance party 10 years : 2002@2012, with more sample party psytrance since 2005@2011 with 31 Psytrance Party Festival with 24 Artist or Dj Set. 
25 people identified on the video

Thanks to everybody who follow and like, also Friend & Psytrance Family Around the World...The video is long but enjoy the whole look if you like, it was necessary to "31 party in 40 minutes"

Enjoy Your Life & Think Positive vibes all dreams are possible 3~ PLUR

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21-04-2008: Ajout de 5 nouvelles videos: Timegate 2008, Transahara 2008, Silicon sound ...
21-04-2008: Ajout de Goasia Live mp3 @ Ageha Tokyo Japan 25.08.2007
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11-01-2008: Ajout Dj Tsuyoshi (Prana) @ VuuV Experience 2007 (Germany)

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